Jip Asveld - Webdesigner

Hello there,

Welcome to the portfolio that showcases my web-design work.

I have a separate page for my ux-design work.

Website — Casa Boslimpre

I created this website for a camping in the Vosges, France. 🏕

The camping is located on a hill and offers a beautiful outlook over the surroundings. ⛰ To give a sense of this view, I added a “parallax effect” perspective to the home-page image while you scroll. A beautiful view is guatanteed, both online & offline! 

Website — Grafein

Grafein is a foundation involved with printmaking. They were not happy with their previous website, as it did not communicate their activities and purpose in a clear way. So I did some user research into how people preferred the website to be structured, and then I created a website around this structure.

For the layout, I added some elements that refer to printmaking. The backgrounds consist of etchings, and a subtle animation is added to the logo when hovered: to represent the movement of an etching press. ⚙

Website — Steef Crombach

I designed and developed a new website for Steef Crombach, fabric & soft-sculpture artist based in Austin, Texas. I created her previous website as well, but it was time for an update / upgrade. ⌛

Website — HUT Kollektief

I created this website (in Dutch 🇳🇱) for the Tilburg-based art collective HUT. They are a self-proclaimed multidisciplinary collective of makers, musicians, artists, writers.

The website was designed in collaboration with Murf / Murw—another Tilburg-based art collective that publishes a Fanzine once every few months, to offer anyone a platform to share their 2D work/art.

My UX-design portfolio.

This is the part of my portfolio that focuses on my UX-design work. Because in addition to being a web designer, I am also a UX designer—where I focus (even) more specifically on the usability and user experience of digital products (like apps).📱

The page shows the digital design projects in which I have participated as a UX designer, interaction designer, and user researcher. 


Portfolio — Marijn Dijkmeijer

A portfolio for the artist Marijn Dijkmeijer. 💥

The website will contain her animations and etchings in a collage-like way, just as how her art itself is composed. 🔬